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The “@” Symbol in the Microsoft Excel Formula Bar

PARIS is responding to the recent changes in Microsoft Excel 


Microsoft has released new versions of Excel that have caused a disruption for many that have used or developed custom functions.  We have recently become aware of this Microsoft change.  Dependent upon your upgrade policy and timing for Excel this may become an issue requiring an upgrade of your PowerOLAP software by PARIS Technologies (PARIS). 


Microsoft recently changed the syntax for some formulas in Excel, adding an “implicit intersection operator” or “@” symbol.  This new syntax is added automatically by Excel to some formulas.  Microsoft has made these changes in the core of Excel and you may or may not be aware that this has happened.  


PARIS has responded to these recent changes in Microsoft Excel and has developed enhancements, allowing PARIS products to work with the new Microsoft’s changes to Excel.  These updates are available now. 

For more information on how we can help you navigate the impact of Microsoft’s changes to Excel and continue to benefit from the accuracy, speed and efficiencies delivered by PowerOLAP, leave your details and one of our staff will be in contact to assist you within the next business day. 

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